Gambling Tutor: Lean how to play the casino games wisley with actual casino owners.

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We can provide a gaming (gambling) tutor to go with you and teach you how to play the different games in the casinos. Learn Black Jack (single deck, double deck, shoe), Craps, Roulette (single 0 and double 0), Pai Gao Poker, Poker, slot machines and more. Our gaming instructors are the best you can find. Why are they the best? They have owned an operated casinos most of their lives.

We have over 30 years in the casino business. We can prove our credentials. One of our casinos was rated the #1 place to pay Black Jack in Northern Nevada up until 2002. Our casinos were the first to have video poker machines in Nevada. What sets Nevada Recreation apart is that our principals owned and operated casinos for over 25 years and they know the casino industry and the casino games inside and out. We have trained dealers and have had employees moved on to become world class dealers, Casino Mangers, Gaming Control agents and State Gaming regulators in Nevada and other states. We were pioneers in the Indian Gaming industry in 1985.

Nevada Recreation Inc, do not condone cheating nor do we teach anything illegal. We teach you basic game strategy up to and including advance card counting techniques.

Tutorial rates start at $75 per hour or $400 a shift. We do not guarantee that you will win as other do, but we will guarantee that you will play longer and have a better understanding of the games, casino procedures and learn when to hold and fold. What ever money we win during your play, you keep.

If you are going to play, why not learn from those who have been on both sides of the table.

Give us a call at 775 741 0735 and change your luck today.

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